Decodes January 2020
“Happy New Year Iran….Learn Our Comms!”
“Let’s Talk Planes, Deals and the Future”

Decodes December 2019
“November Q’s and News”
“It’s Going to be Biblical – Part II
Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall”

Decodes November 2019

 “November 3, 2019 – Right on Q!”

Decodes October 2019
It’s Going to be Biblical – Roadmap – 1d (Part 2)”
It’s Going to be Biblical – Roadmap – 1d (Part 1)”
“It’s Going to be Biblical – Roadmap – 1c”

Decodes September 2019
“It’s Going to be Biblical – Roadmap – 1b”
“It’s Going to be Biblical – Roadmap – 1a”
Decodes August 2019
“Q and News Dump – Part 3”
Touring Epstein Island
Decodes July 2019
The Gang’s All Here!
Welcome Back Q!
“Q and News Dump – Part 1”
“Q and News Dump – Part 2”
Decodes June 2019
“WaterGate, SpyGate, or RussiaGate? – Part 2”
“WaterGate, SpyGate, or RussiaGate? – Part 1”
Snap out of it!
“How do you catch a fish?”
Decodes for May 2019
“May News and Qs”
“The Hardest Pill to Swallow, Part 3”
“The Hardest Pill to Swallow, Part 4”

Decodes for April 2019
“The Hardest Pill to Swallow, Part 1”
“The Hardest Pill to Swallow, Part 2”
“FEAR Brings Chaos”
“Catching up on Q”
“Deep Dive Sunday”
“Deep State Coup Review”
Decodes for March 2019
“The Storm is HERE!”
“Deep State Going Down, Barr None”
“Russia, Russia, Russia!”
Did Trump work as an FBI informant?
“Moves and Countermoves Part 5”
“Moves and Countermoves Part 4”
“Moves and Countermoves Part 3”
“Moves and Countermoves Part 2”
“Moves and Countermoves Part 1”
“The Road to March Madness

Decodes for February 2019
“We Are the News Now”…Part 4 The Anatomy of Fear
“We Are the News Now” – Part 3 [Welcome to the Real World]
“We Are the News Now – Part 2 Blood is Thicker Than Water”
“We Are the News Now” Part 1
“Ponder It, Folks!” Part 2
“Ponder It, Folks!” Part 1
“Clean Up On Aisle Mexico!”

Decodes for January 2019
“We’re Going Stone Cold Crazy!”
“You’re Grounded Nancy!”
“To Kill a Mockingbird”
“News & Q’s”
“Century Link”

Decodes for December 2018
“ThankQ, 2018 was Glorius!”
“Twelve Days of Q”
“Ready for the D-5, Huber!”

Decodes for November 2018
“We’re Back!”
Q & A with Patriot News

Decodes for September 2018
Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein”
“What Happened to Barry and Honey?”
“Sessions Activated”
“Someone is in a Pickle”
“Oh, What a Tangled Web”
“Papadopoulos is Talking!”
“Follow the White Rabbit”

Decodes for October 2018
“Run For The Border”
“We’re Being Invaded!”
“The Khasoggi Connections”
“Tweets and Treats – We have it all!”
“The Y Families and the FED”
“Q in Review” The First Twenty  Part II”
“Q in Review”  The First Twenty    Part I”
“The Dirty Dossier Gang”
“Feinstein Exposed”
“Kavanaugh Targeted”
“Who is Iron Eagle?”

Decodes for August 2018
“Driving Miss Feinstein”
“The Heat is On, Sessions!”
“Ketron – Panama Papers Connection”
“Military Intelligence – Part 1”
“Military Intelligence – Part 2”
“Feisty Cat and the Aussies in the House!”
Video Discussion Only
“White Privilege is a Myth”
“It’s Kauders!”
“Fusion Collusion”
“A+++++ for Feisty!”
“Expand Your Thinking”
Video Discussion Only
“Force the Q”
“Dirty Secrets to Be Revealed”

Decodes for July 2018
“Avenatti…you Basta!”
“Feisty Cat…Feisty Cat!”
“The QAnon Conspiracy – Part1”
“The QAnon Conspiracy – Part2”
“Executive Orders and the SES”
“The Lord’s Prayer” – Video only
Truth is Behind You”
“A House Divided”
“Freedom Stringer, Anyone?”

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